soundproof acoustic windows


Soundproof acoustic composite windows are a great way to improve your quality of life. They can help you sleep better, work more productively, and enjoy your home more.

What are soundproof acoustic composite windows?

Soundproof acoustic composite windows are a type of window that is designed to block out noise. They are made from a combination of materials, including soundproof glass, composite frames, and weatherstripping.

What are the benefits of soundproof acoustic composite windows?

Soundproof acoustic composite windows are the ideal choice if you live in a noisy area. They can block out noise from busy roads, airports, construction sites, and other unwanted sounds. They can also help you create a more peaceful and calm environment in your home.

soundproof acoustic windows
Triple-glazed corner composite window

How do soundproof acoustic composite windows work?

Soundproof glazing works by deflecting and dissipating sound waves. This is achieved with thick laminated glass and internal bonding between the inner and outer layers of glazing.

A PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) interlayer is sandwiched between glass panes to absorb sound and help keep noise out of the building. The thickness of these sandwiching panes as well as the configuration of other glass panes and cavity spacing within double or triple glazing can dramatically effect the sound performance of the overall glass unit.

Can sound performance of a window be determined by the glass alone?

No. The choice of window frame will affect the overall insulating performance of the entire window. Poor quality frames can allow sound to penetrate. A real physical test of the window frame and glass together is the only true way of achieving trusted performance data.

How is soundproofing measured?

The standard unit for measuring sound pressure levels is the decibel, abbreviated to dB where 0dB is the lower threshold of normal hearing and 130dB is the upper threshold of pain. A change of 3dB is only just perceptible whereas 5dB would be clearly noticeable and an increase of 10dB is roughly equivalent to a doubling of loudness.

The sound proofing characteristics of building components is measured in dB(Rw) values.

Known as the weighted sound reduction index, it is a laboratory-measured rating used to describe the ability of a window or door to provide sound insulation across a wide frequency range – the higher the number, the better the performance.

To take into account low frequency noise such as road and rail traffic, a correction factor (Ctr) has been introduced to the Rw scale and this is expressed as dB(Rw+Ctr).

How to choose the right soundproof acoustic windows

When choosing the right soundproof composite windows it is important to compare whole window test results rather than just a declared performance value of the glass. The quality of the frame construction, the assembly of weather seals and gaskets and the closing tightness of opening lights has a significant impact on actual performance.

Westcoast Windows offer 3rd Party independently tested standard entry level composite windows and doors with superior sound reduction of 34 dB(Rw) and 29 dB (Rw+Ctr) and can provide a huge selection of tested combinations of composite aluminium timber opening windows, fixed lights and doors up to 48 dB(Rw).

Are soundproof acoustic windows energy efficient?

In addition to blocking out noise, soundproof acoustic windows can also help to improve the  energy efficiency in your home. They can keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, which can save you money on your energy bills.


Here are some of the benefits of soundproof acoustic composite windows:

  • They can block out noise from traffic, construction, and other sources.
  • They can help you sleep better and reduce stress.
  • They can improve your home’s energy efficiency.
  • They can increase your home’s value.
  • They can provide a more peaceful and relaxing environment for you and your family.

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