10 reasons why composite windows are the best choice for your self-build or renovation

You’re planning a self-build or renovation and you have a list as long as your arm with so many materials to source and decisions to make. Let us take the stress out of your choice of glazing and tell you why Westcoast Windows Swedish composite windows are the ideal solution…

  1. Composite windows provide the best of both worlds – the perfect combination of low maintenance aluminium exterior, combined with a warm wood interior, available in pine, oak or other timber species. Take a look at our range of colours and finishes in the APPEARANCE tab on the GUIDANCE PAGE.
  1. Composite windows are for the security conscious – Westcoast Windows are a SBD (Secured by Design) license holder, which demonstrates our windows have been successfully tested to PAS 24:2016 and have also undertaken regular independent UKAS accredited 3rd Party auditing to ensure consistency of product quality and performance. Read more on our advice centre article: SECURITY COMPOSITE WINDOWS AND DOORS.
  1. Composite windows are extremely energy efficient – around a third of a property’s heat is lost through poorly insulated windows. Our Swedish genuine composite windows are available in triple-glazing for the best energy efficiency with U-values as low as 1.0 W/m2 for opening windows and 0.9 W/m2 for fixed. Westcoast windows and doors are factory glazed with dual sealed units incorporating the latest ‘warm edge’ technology and argon gas filling as standard. Read more in our article: REDUCE YOUR ENERGY BILLS WITH COMPOSITE WINDOWS.
  1. Composite windows are environmentally friendly – due to their aluminium and timber construction our composite windows are fully recyclable. The aluminium exterior is finished in a powder-coated colour which is environmentally friendly and virtually pollution free. With our unique window construction we don’t need to rely on preservatives to treat our internal wood finish, only water-based lacquer or paint. Westcoast Windows also use PEFC certified wood, which comes from renewable sources. You can read all about our environmental policies here, which include our Swedish manufacturing facility’s investment into sustainable energy technology: COMPOSITE WINDOWS VS UPVC.
  1. Composite windows for sound-proofing and noise reduction – Westcoast Windows offer 3rd Party independently tested standard entry level composite windows and doors with superior sound reduction of 34 dB(Rw) and 29 dB (Rw+Cr) and can provide a huge selection of tested combinations of composite aluminium timber opening windows, fixed lights and doors up to 48 dB(Rw). Find out more in our advice centre article: COMPOSITE WINDOWS FOR NOISE REDUCTION.
  1. Composite windows can help to increase the value of your home – In a 2018 survey on ‘The top 20 property turn-offs’, outdated properties, or those in a poor state of repair, were one of the biggest issues to put off potential buyers. Replacing your windows is often near the top of the list when it comes to ways to add value to your home – double glazing is considered an essential to most buyers and can add considerable value to a property, triple-glazing even more so. You can read more on this in our article: INCREASE THE VALUE OF YOUR HOME WITH COMPOSITE WINDOWS.
  1. Reduce condensation with composite windows – Westcoast Windows’ factory assembled double or triple glazed sealed units incorporate the latest ‘warm edge’ technology, insulated super spacers and argon gas filling to help achieve the ideal energy efficient glazing solution to reduce the chance of condensation in your home. Read more in our article: HOW TO REDUCE WINDOW CONDENSATION.
  1. Achieve thermal comfort with composite windows – So many factors can influence thermal comfort in your home, such as environmental factors like air temperature, humidity or sources of heat, or personal factors like clothing, health, metabolic heat and psychological factors. Composite windows, combined with the correct heating and the right level of insulation, can help you achieve the optimum temperature in each room of your home. Read more in our article: ACHIEVING THERMAL COMFORT WITH COMPOSITE WINDOWS.
  1. Bring the outside in with composite sliding doors or bi-fold doors– We all feel better and more energised when we’re surrounded by light. By integrating composite sliding doors or bi-fold doors into your home, you can increase the natural light in your home, while allowing easy access to your outside space. With a maximum width of 6 metres and a height of 2.4 metres, Westcoast Windows’ aluminium timber sliding doors provide significantly larger openings than traditional doors. Read more about the benefits of sliding or bi-fold doors on our article: COMPOSITE SLIDING DOORS OR BI-FOLD DOORS?
  1. Composite windows are versatile with bespoke designs to suit your home, whatever your style – Westcoast Windows Swedish manufactured composite windows are available in 3 styles: the Classic Series is ideal for modern or traditional builds and is available in 28mm double glazed or 36mm triple glazed; Design Series has been developed to suit contemporary architecture with a deeper glass unit to create a minimal step between outer glass and frame for maximum light and a flush finish and is available as 48mm triple-glazed; and Antik Series combines a vintage look and handmade feel with traditional features such as classic ovolo moulding, along with the modern benefits of high performance and low maintenance.


Take a look at the homes in our case studies to see how composite windows can work in contemporary homes, family self-builds and barn conversions, using an oak interior to remain sympathetic to the traditional features: WESTCOAST WINDOWS CASE STUDIES






10 reasons why composite windows are the best choice for your self-build or renovation
10 reasons why composite windows are the best choice for your self-build or renovation
10 reasons why composite windows are the best choice for your self-build or renovation
10 reasons why composite windows are the best choice for your self-build or renovation