From 1950s house to modern metropolitan villa

Westcoast Windows composite aluminium timber windows are designed and manufactured on the west coast of Sweden. Here we’re pleased to share a project from our Swedish colleagues…

When Christian Sonehed and Agåta Simo completely renovated a five-room apartment in central Gothenburg, they had no plans to acquire a villa. But as the children arrived they found themselves longing for lawn and some space.

“We found a house in Krokslätt right on the border between Mölndal and Gothenburg. We were won over by the location and the lush garden which was absolutely magical”, says Christian.

The house is located in a quiet cul-de-sac in Krokslätt in Mölndal. The lush garden had been cared for by the house’s previous owners, who also built the house and have been the only occupants since the 1950s.

“We were fascinated by the history of the house and the couple who lived here before. The neighbours said that the garden went by the name “Mölndals botaniska”. The house itself was not really that unusual, but we saw potential in it even though it was quite small”, says Christian.

Christian, Agåta and the children Liv and Teo moved in and lived in the house for six years before the renovation began.

“The bathroom was incredibly small, we had too few bedrooms so we really needed to do something about the house. During the years we lived in the house, we thought and planned, contacted architects and builders and considered everything from the smaller details to the whole house”, says Christian.

Once they had decided to renovate they chose Sjöbergs bygg as their contractor for the entire project. Their goal was to transform the 1950s villa into a modern home – both interior and exterior.

“It would probably have been cheaper and quicker if we had demolished the house and built a new home. But we wanted to retain what the previous owner created and build on it. Plus we like some of the unusual areas where we can use nooks and corners in a whimsical way”, says Christian.

The new version of “Mölndals botaniska” has a facade painted with dark tar vitriol, a roof in grey sheet metal and composite aluminium timber windows finished in the same colour. The house has also been extended by 70 m2 and on the plot now stands a modern contemporary villa that accommodates the practicalities of a modern family life.

“We were mindful of asking the opinion of our builders and suppliers. We had very good support from Claes Sjöberg and also from Westcoast Windows who delivered all the windows for the house”, says Christian.

The composite windows are finished in a special black-grey color to match the roof and other sheet metal details. But before Christian and Agåta decided on Westcoast Windows, they wanted to experience the product for themselves.

“We received an extremely good service from Westcoast Windows and they were very accommodating. We really wanted thin profiles with a dark inside to get the right feeling throughout the house. It will be incredibly beautiful against the lush garden”, says Christian.

– Area: 165 m2

– Architect: T + E Architects

– Contractor: Sjöberg byg

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From 1950s house to modern metropolitan villa
From 1950s house to modern metropolitan villa
From 1950s house to modern metropolitan villa
From 1950s house to modern metropolitan villa