‘Help to Build’ scheme offers support to budding self-builders

The government recently announced their new ‘Help to Build’ scheme which will make it easier and more affordable for people to build their own homes.

The new £150 million scheme, launched in April 2021, applies to new homes made to order or built from scratch and will benefit small building firms (and their suppliers) as part of the government’s Plan for Jobs.

The ‘Help to Build’ scheme will ensure that self-building your own home can become a more realistic option for people wishing to get onto the housing ladder. This will be combined with lower deposit mortgages to free up capital to build, and an equity loan on the completed home, similar to the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme.

Previously self-build has been dominated by larger houses and budgets and is often out of reach for people wishing to get their foot on the property ladder. Made to order homes can be an affordable solution, allowing self-builders to customise the home they want based on existing design templates.

Alternatively there are options to create your own bespoke home, from a complete DIY project, project managing a contractor or package homes which can be full bespoke specification or off-the-shelf altered to meet your needs.

The benefits of self-build can’t be underestimated. Deciding to build your own home allows you to design it to suit your specific lifestyle and requirements, and gives you full control of the materials used, scope to design in energy efficiency and cost effective, sustainable living from the ground up.

Regardless of the route you take, the process will require careful planning and budgeting, with many key decisions along the way, including location, building materials, finishes, fittings and glazing solutions.

Westcoast Windows provides a high performance, energy efficient glazing solution for self-build properties with our extensive range of Swedish aluminium timber composite windows, doors and sliding doors. Our network of APPROVED DISTRIBUTORS can work with you to plan your glazing, helping with decisions on double or triple glazing, external and interior finishes, glass options and advise on energy efficiency values.

You can find out more in our ADVICE CENTRE article on composite windows for self-build: COMPOSITE WINDOWS FOR SELF BUILD

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‘Help to Build’ scheme offers support to budding self-builders
‘Help to Build’ scheme offers support to budding self-builders
‘Help to Build’ scheme offers support to budding self-builders
‘Help to Build’ scheme offers support to budding self-builders