Homes and interiors trends for Spring 2020

Westcoast Windows’ customers are often home renovators or self-builders, beginning their journey in creating their own unique home across a wide range of projects, from traditional barn renovations through to really contemporary projects.

In fact Westcoast Windows doors, windows and sliding doors can be designed and styled to suit any project, from a traditional warm wood finish to a sleek clean white modern style.

With this in mind we’ve taken a look at the latest homes, interiors and colour trends for Spring 2020 and beyond. Get ready to be inspired…

1. Pantone Color of the Year 2020 – Classic Blue 19-4052: It seems blue is the new grey… “A timeless and enduring blue hue, elegant in its simplicity. Suggestive of the sky at dusk and our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build. A restful colour brings a sense of peace and tranquillity to the human spirit.” Source:

This could be used in your interior wall colour to create a rich, welcoming living space, or in your exterior window colour for a stylish look – RAL 5007 is a really nice airforce blue as shown on the house below and makes a nice change from stark white or the more sombre graphite grey.



2. Tranquil Hues – Dulux Colour of the Year 2020 is Tranquil Dawn: a versatile green shade inspired by the morning sky. In fact their four new palettes inspire a softer home environment centred on caring, creativity, play and meaning, with gentle muted tones of blue, rose, green and grey.  Source:

The most recent trends in window colours that we’ve seen with our customers is a darker grey exterior, however this is beginning to change with some customers being influenced by these softer colour palettes, such as this unique bungalow refurbishment that uses RAL 7045 light grey to complement the scorched larch cladding: UNIQUE BUNGALOW REFURBISHMENT


3. Shopping responsibly and sustainably – As fast fashion has been demonised more recently due to its high social and environmental costs, the same applies to shopping for our homes. We are becoming ever more eco conscious, recycling, reducing our waste or upcycling for our home. Many of us are shopping more sustainably, buying recycled products, beauty bars instead of products in plastic bottles, reusable in place of disposable. In the interiors world this could mean furniture made from local and/or sustainable materials (see, products made from recycled materials (such as rugs and textiles made from recycled plastic bottles – see Weaver Green and NISI LIVING) or bamboo bedding or clothing. (see My Panda Life or Bamboo Clothing)

The same will apply when selecting materials for the construction of your renovation or self-build, considering the most sustainable and environmental materials to achieve the most energy efficient home. When it comes to choosing ‘green’ windows for your build you can look no further than composite windows. Westcoast Windows are manufactured from PEFC certified timber, while the composite construction eliminates the need for the use of impregnated timber, so no harmful chemicals are used. Due to their aluminium and timber construction, Westcoast composite windows are fully recyclable. Read more about our sustainable manufacturing processes here: Sustainable composite windows in green construction


4. Creating more sociable spaces – It may be down to the fact that we’re all trying to save a bit of money here and there, but there has been a lifestyle transition towards more at-home entertainment that going out, and that’s being reflected in the design of our homes. We’re creating more entertainment areas like open-plan kitchens or outside spaces, such as garden rooms. A great way to open up a room is to install large opening sliding or bifolding doors that lead onto decking or patio spaces – great for summer barbecues when we have the weather! Read more in our items about sliding and bi-fold doors: Sliding doors- or bi-fold doors?


5. The Scandi/Nordic look is here to stay – I don’t think we will ever tire of these trends. From Hygge to Lagom, Scandi style is still strong with a few tweaks and updates. Achieve a relaxed vibe with soft neutral tones and clean spaces, decluttering and adding textured materials to achieve some Nordic warmth. We are now seeing more darker shades incorporated to create a more dramatic feel with lighter elements mixed in with wood or metallic accessories. The Scandis love accessories without clutter – keep to a few beautiful items, well curated onto shelves, sideboards or coffee tables. Nature is also a big deal and can be achieved easily with a few house plants or more structurally with large windows or sliding doors onto your outside space. And don’t forget the rugs and candles for the ultimate Hygge mood! Take a look at our article on how to adopt Swedish design principles in your home: Swedish Design Principles

Other trends for 2020 include:

  • Animal prints – influenced by the fashion industry in 2019, animal prints for the home are another game-changer for 2020, think zebra print rug or leopard cushions.
  • Pink – we love it but in its grown up form, with soft blush tones and rose gold, rather than Barbie pink.
  • Concealed kitchens – now becoming a huge trend, with living spaces getting smaller this will be increasingly popular to maintain a tidy home with clean lines.
  • Maximalism – in contrast to the clean living Scandi style, this is all about more flamboyant décor with bold colours, patterns and mismatched furniture.
  • 70s style – think warmer colours, gold accessories, houseplants, leopard print (again), fringing, all creating a retro feel with a cooler edge.

Read more about how composite windows are the right choice for your self-build or renovation in our ADVICE CENTRE articles 



Homes and interiors trends for Spring 2020