Datasheets for guidance – Approved Document K – Protection from falling, collision & impact

The UK Building Regulations Approved Document K covers how to prevent injury to any person within a property, whether it’s domestic or a workplace. We’ve put together advisory notes for consideration when specifying our Swedish designed and manufactured composite windows and doors to meet the safety requirements of Approved Document K.

Approved Document K is published in nine parts and ten sections. In the case of windows and doors, the most relevant documents include:

Requirement K2 Section 3 : Protection from falling

States that guarding is to be provided where it is reasonably necessary for safety to guard the edges of any part of a floor (including the edge below an opening window), balcony or any other place to which people have access.

Requirement K4 Section 5 : Protection against impact with glazing

States that for all buildings, glazing with which people are likely to come into contact whilst moving in or about the building shall:

  1. If broken on impact, break in a way which is unlikely to cause injury ; or
  2. Resist impact without breaking; or
  3. Be shielded or protected from impact

Requirement K5.1 Section 6 : Protection from collision with open windows

States that provision shall be made to prevent people moving in or about the building from colliding with open windows, skylights or ventilators. 

Requirement K5.2 Section 7 : Manifestation of glazing

States that transparent glazing, with which people are likely to come into contact while moving in and about a building, shall incorporate features which make it apparent.

Requirement K5.3 Section 8 : Safe opening and closing of windows

States that windows, skylights and ventilators which can be opened by people in or about the building shall be constructed or equipped that they may be opened, closed or adjusted safely.

Requirement K5.4 Section 9 : Safe access for cleaning windows

States that provision should be made for any windows, skylights or any transparent or translucent walls, ceilings or roofs to be safely accessible for cleaning.


DOWNLOAD OUR DATASHEET for our full advisory notes addressing the most relevant information when specifying our products, including design requirements, compliance and calculation. Westcoast Approved Document Part K.pdf


For further information visit the Government Statutory guidance page for Protection from falling, collision and impact: Approved Document K:



Datasheets for guidance – Approved Document K – Protection from falling, collision & impact