FDG Single Terrace Patio composite door
FDG Single Terrace Patio composite door


  • For residential access purposes to ground floor terrace or upper floor level balcony locations where doors are to be secured principally from within the building.


  • Single leaf doors (FDG) are secured by a concealed multipoint locking espagnolette bolt mechanism incorporating an integral handle operated friction stay with a variable hold open position up to either 90° or 165°.  In the case of pairs of doors (FDGD) the slave leaf is secured with flush bolts as standard or for enhanced security with espagnolette operation.
Tested for Security Tested for Security
Self-Cleaning Glass Self-Cleaning Glass
Anti-Condensation Anti-Condensation
Safety Glass Available Safety Glass Available
Acoustic Attenuation Acoustic Attenuation
U-Value U-Value

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Design | Triple-Glazed
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