double and triple glazed corner composite windows


If you’re looking for high quality windows for your self-build, renovation or replacement windows you might think that aluminium clad windows are the only answer. However, the next generation of aluminium timber window is now available on the UK market – a true composite bonded window offered by Westcoast Windows, manufactured in Sweden.

But what does ‘alu clad windows’ actually mean vs a bonded aluminium timber composite windows?

There is a fundamental and important difference between ‘alu clad’ or aluminium clad windows and the Swedish unique bonded construction aluminium wood composite windows offered by Westcoast Windows:

‘Alu Clad Windows’ are basically a standard timber window with a piece of aluminium clipped to the outer face of the window. This creates a gap between the aluminium and timber, allowing air and therefore moisture and dirt to penetrate the timber, thus requiring it to be treated with environmentally unfriendly anti-rot chemicals. As the timber section is indirectly exposed, the aluminium would have to be periodically removed and the timber section refurbished to maximise the life of the window.

Westcoast Windows’ unique bonded aluminium timber composite window system utilises a high density timber inner section bonded to a powder coated aluminium outer section to create a window with maximum lifespan and minimum maintenance.

The primary benefit of the true composite Westcoast Windows system over alu clad windows is that the timber and aluminium is bonded via a butyl tape, which is compressed to eradicate all air. No air means no condensation can build between the timber and aluminium sections. This creates the added benefit of allowing the window to be sealed in the building at the extreme outside face of the aluminium, meaning no part of the timber section is exposed to the elements. This in turn means the timber section doesn’t need to be preserved, leading to a more environmentally friendly product with a longer lifespan and less maintenance.

This genuine composite Swedish system, unique to Westcoast Windows, makes our windows and doors distinctly different from other aluminium clad timber products on the market, as the aluminium and timber are bonded to make a true composite frame and sash.

benefits of composite windows

Our philosophy is to build windows of the highest quality with carefully selected materials to our unique and innovative design.  All of our products are hand-assembled ensuring consistency in quality (which can be lacking in aluminium clad windows and doors where poor quality, unstable cladding can compromise the lifespan of the product).

Originally developed for the harsh Scandinavian climates, our high performance composite aluminium timber windows offer exceptional durability and energy efficiency. The timber element of the unique composite system acts as a thermal break enabling the frame to offer very high levels of insulation and all of our products are available with double or triple glazing.

The combination of aluminium and timber in the composite construction from Westcoast offers you all the style and durability of aluminium externally with all the warmth and character of wood inside, with the freedom to specify a bespoke appearance inside and out. Knot-free, laminated timbers from sustainable forests ensure a consistent interior finish with no unsightly knots and finishes include a wide variety of stains or paint colours. Elegant powder-coated exterior aluminium profiles are available in range of colours and styles to complement your design.

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