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“Most burglars are opportunists, with their motive in the main being to get into a property as quickly as possible, steal something of value and then leave as quickly as possible. A secure home will therefore be a deterrent to them and reduces the chance of you becoming a victim of a burglary”. Alfie Hosker, Technical Manager at Secured by Design, the official police security initiative

When you’re choosing new windows for your home, whether for a self-build, renovation or replacement windows, security will be high on your list of priorities.

All principle Westcoast aluminium timber composite windows and doors have been successfully tested to PAS 24: 2016. Furthermore, Westcoast Windows are a SBD license holder, which also demonstrates regular independent UKAS accredited 3rd Party auditing to ensure consistency of product quality and performance.

Westcoast Swedish composite windows are a bespoke design, manufactured to your individual specification, with low maintenance alumimium exterior, finished in a colour of your choice, and warm wood interior, in pine, oak or other wood species, with a natural lacquer, stain or colour finish. Take a look at our full range: STYLES & OPTIONS

WHAT IS PAS 24: 2016?

PAS 24: 2016 – Enhanced security performance requirements for doorsets and windows in the UK. Doorsets and windows intended to offer a level of security suitable for dwellings and other buildings exposed to comparable risk.

PAS 24: 2016 provides a method for testing and assessing the enhanced security performance of doorsets and windows. It covers doorsets and windows of all material types and products must also meet the general performance requirements as listed below:

BS 6375-1:2015+A1:2016 Performance of windows and doors – Part 1: Classification for weather tightness and guidance on selection and specification

BS 6375-2:2009 Performance of windows and doors – Part 2: Classification for operation and strength characteristics and guidance on selection and specification

BS 6375-3:2009+A1:2013 Performance of windows and doors Part 3: Classification for additional performance characteristics and guidance on selection and specification

What are the key considerations when purchasing security windows?


How your windows are manufactured can have a huge impact on the security benefits.

Westcoast composite windows and doors are extremely difficult to break into (as evidenced by our PAS 24:2016 certification – see below). The high quality bonded construction of aluminium exterior to the wood interior offers maximum lifespan and minimum maintenance. Furthermore, our windows are constructed with the following key elements to enhance their security:

  • Strengthened espagnolette locks and receivers
  • Glazing beads glued to full perimeter of glass unit
  • Sealed glass units glued into the frame

In comparison, uPVC windows are solid, impenetrable and virtually impossible to break into. Aluminium windows may look thin and light, however they are strong. Be aware of cheap aluminium windows as the quality and therefore the security benefits, may be lacking. With timber windows, even the most solid of frames, will eventually show signs of degradation and rot, therefore regular maintenance is required to keep them not only looking good, but maintain their strength. A neglected wooden window will always become a vulnerable break-in point in your home.

triple glazed composite windows oak aluminium corner
composite door handles


Double glazing and triple glazing with a laminated external pane is virtually burglar–proof as it’s incredibly hard to break, effectively putting two/three barriers between you and potential thieves.


Westcoast offers a comprehensive range of hinges, handles and restrictors to suit all security, safety and access requirements. Our range of enhanced ironmongery, including locking espagnolette handles and cylinder locks, have been tested according to our PAS 24:2016 and SBD certification.


Security windows should be tested and certified to BSI PAS 24:2016 standards.  PAS 24:2016 is a specification that provides test methods and acceptable criteria relevant to the enhanced security performance of doorsets and windows, intended to resist methods of attack experienced or associated with the casual or opportunistic burglar.

Windows and doorsets are tested by replicating the forces that would be applied by a potential intruder. All hardware and potential access points on the window are tested including:

  • Manipulation of hardware
  • Assessment of glazing security
  • Mechanical loading test
  • Manual check test

This scenario is set out in Approved Document Q – Security – Dwellings, the statutory guidance document that supports The Building Regulations 2010 and identifies the use of PAS 24 as the standard for doorset and window security.

Doors and windows will meet requirement Q1 if they can resist physical attack by being both: 1. Sufficiently robust and 2. Fitted with appropriate hardware.

In addition, frames should be mechanically fixed to the structure in accordance with the manufacturer’s written instructions.

All principle Westcoast composite windows and doors have been successfully tested to PAS 24: 2016.

Further reading on our Building Regulations Notes Datasheet: Approved Document Q – Security


The SBD (Secured by Design) initiative is a quality standard for burglar-proof windows and doors (amongst other products) developed by the PCPI (Police Crime Prevention Initiatives) to create secure windows and doors that reduce the risk of intrusion by 75%.

More than one million homes have been built to SBD standards over the last 30 years, with crime reductions of up to 87% on new developments (2017) and 61% in major refurbishment projects (2009).

Westcoast is a SBD license holder, which demonstrates not just successful testing to PAS 24:2016 but also regular independent UKAS accredited 3rd Party auditing to ensure consistency of product quality and performance.

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