swedish composite windows


As a holiday property owner your main priorities will be in the maintenance of your property, covering your costs and ideally making a profit. When it comes to selecting the right glazing solution for your holiday property, there are key considerations to have in mind, and several ways in which composite windows can improve your holiday home and help you achieve those aims.


You will likely be frustrated by visitors being over generous with the thermostat during the colder weather, so energy efficiency should be at the forefront of your mind when deciding on windows for your holiday home.

A third of a property’s heat is lost through poorly insulated windows.  

Westcoast Windows composite windows have a bonded construction – aluminium and timber are bonded to make a truly composite frame and sash. The timber element acts as a thermal break, enabling the frame to offer very high levels of insulation.

Our triple-glazed Design Series composite windows offer U-values as low as 1.0 W/mK for opening windows and 0.9 W/mK for fixed windows. Find out more about our composite window construction in MADE IN SWEDEN.


With your holiday property empty for a considerable period, either in low  season or just while your visitors are out for the day, you need to be sure of the most secure glazing solution.

All Westcoast Windows products have been tested and approved to meet the new security requirements of British Standard PAS 24:2016, which provides a method of testing and assessing the enhanced security performance requirements of doors and windows to resist the levels and methods of attack experienced in the UK and normally associated with the casual burglar.

They are also accredited by Secured by Design – an award that requires regular testing and auditing through an independent UKAS accredited 3rd party certification scheme to ensure consistency of product quality and performance.


Property maintenance is a chore for holiday property owners, having to fit in the annual refresh during low season, when the ideal time to paint the exterior is during high season and fine weather when the property is fully booked.

One of the great benefits of Westcoast Windows composite windows and doors is the low maintenance aluminium exterior. The aluminium is powder-coated in one of our standard RAL colours, including two unique to Westcoast that mimic anodised finish, or a colour bespoke to your choosing.

Therefore no exterior painting is required, just the occasional wipe over with a soft cloth, luke warm water and a mild detergent.

It’s that easy, and one less thing for you to worry about! View the full range of composite window colours and interior wood finishes: STYLES & OPTIONS

swedish composite windows


The look and feel of your holiday property, particularly on the inside is so important in getting those bookings and also repeat business.

Whether it’s creating a warm, traditional cottage feel or a contemporary clean look, our composite windows provide a stylish solution.

Westcoast Windows aluminium wood composite windows are internally constructed of real wood, available in knot-free laminated pine, oak or alternative species on request.

The wood can be finished in clear lacquer to retain the warm, natural wood feel or finished in a colour of your choice, often a clean fresh white for contemporary holiday homes.


The construction of composite windows and doors allow for slim frames and larger glazing areas to maximise the light into your holiday property – this is particularly the case with our triple-glazed Design Series composite windows which areideal for contemporary architecture.

Composite windows, doors and sliding doors offer greater flexibility, allowing you to specify larger windows and doors (our largest sliding door is 6m wide x 2.4m high).


Westcoast Windows’ products carry a 10 year guarantee and composite windows are considered by industry professionals to have a lifespan of 40 to 50 years, with a 10 year maintenance cycle.

That’s peace of mind for the future. View our FAQS page for more info.

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