Composite Windows for barn conversions

Why bespoke aluminium timber composite windows and sliding doors are the perfect glazing solution for barn conversions and farm building conversion projects.


Converting a barn or transforming a farm building can be the ideal opportunity to create your own characterful home, often accompanied by your own piece of the English countryside.

Although it can seem an enormous task to take on, as often the buildings are in poor condition or close to derelict, it can be incredibly rewarding to feel that you’ve preserved a piece of history and given it a new lease of life.

With a sensitive approach to the location, architectural design and construction materials you can ensure the original character is retained whilst creating a comfortable home for you and your family.


From April 2014, the planning rules for barn conversions were relaxed to allow them as permitted developments (PD) rather than needing full planning permission.

Further amendments took effect in April 2018, including the allowance of up to five new homes to be created from existing agricultural buildings, rather than the previous maximum of three.

However, there are caveats to consider, such as total floor space limits and a Prior Notification procedure, plus some projects still need consent if you are making more significant alterations such as changing the roof pitch.

Your local authority can offer advice or employ the services of a Planning Consultant or Architect to help you understand your obligations.


Conversion projects can be more taxing than a new build as you’re working with the existing fabric and layout of the building.

A good architect, preferably with experience in conversions, will guide you through the design process, taking into consideration the features you wish to retain, such as old beams or beautiful stonework, and helping you to maximise the potential of the building.

It takes a skilled professional to create the right design and introduce the right choice of new materials to complement the existing features and reward you with an individual, unique property that you can call home.

Take a look at our IMAGE GALLERY for lots of inspiring projects using composite windows.

Oak composite windows


Creative glazing can enhance a converted building and often there is an opportunity to introduce large windows or sliding doors to allow natural light into your farm building or barn conversion, and bring the beautiful countryside into your home.

Bespoke aluminium timber composite windows are the ideal choice as they can be manufactured in unique sizes, shapes and configurations to fit your design.

A wide range of colours and finishes are available for the low maintenance aluminium exterior to suit your barn or farm building, and the warm wood interior of natural wood or painted finishes to enhance your interior style.

One of the main benefits of aluminium timber composite windows is that you can achieve a traditional oak finish internally, while still benefiting from the low maintenance aluminium exterior, and all the energy efficiency of modern windows.

Our STYLES & OPTIONS page will help with your decision making on colours, finishes, handles, glass and glazing bars or glass dividing bars.


Energy efficiency comes as standard with composite windows, available in double-glazing or triple-glazing, with thermal insulation provided by the latest low emissivity glass coatings to provide whole window value ratings as low as 0.9w/m2k for fixed windows.

Our Swedish designed and manufactured windows are assembled with sealed units incorporating the latest ‘warm edge’ technology, insulated super spacers and argon gas filling as standard for maximum thermal insulation performance.


The unique bonded aluminium and timber construction of Westcoast Windows Swedish composite window system uses a high density timber inner section bonded to a powder coated aluminium outer section to create a window with maximum lifespan and minimum maintenance.


All our composite windows and doors are SBD (Secured by Design) certified, which means successful testing to PAS 24:2016 and also regular independent UKAS accredited 3rd Party auditing to ensure consistency of product quality and performance and evidencing compliance with Building Regulations Approved Document Q – Security.

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