Westcoast were pleased to supply the composite windows and sliding doors for this prestigious development on the South coast for property developer Parnell Homes.

Parnell Homes are bespoke home builders, based in West Sussex, creating unique homes of distinction.  

They were looking for high performance windows for a new seafront beach house development and Westcoast were able to provide their Swedish manufactured composite windows and sliding doors to fit their specification.

Matt Simmons, Director of Parnell Homes commented:

“The window and door market is a minefield and it was important for us as a high end developer to find a product that was suitable for this particular project.  ‘Stargazer’ our latest development is located directly on the seafront so it was critical for us to choose windows and doors that not only suited the location but worked with our design and end vision.  Working closely with our architect Ben Smith from BIS design and Martin Dixon from Wayne Windows we chose Westcoast Windows.

aluminium timber composite sliding doors

He continues…

It is always difficult to choose windows early in the design process and requires a lot of pre-planning, precision measurement and consideration of lead in periods to ensure that everything comes together in accordance with the programme.  This was a commercial project for Parnell Homes and we couldn’t afford to have window openings exposed for a long period, especially on its seafront location. Considerable time was spent working out windows sizes and finished floor heights to ensure correct fitting and the all important flush thresholds that everyone likes to achieve. 

Logistics for movement to and on the site had to be carefully planned as access to the house was tight, so a large tele-handler was used to move the large doors in place and movement of scaffolding was pre-arranged.  Luckily for us we controlled the entire build from the ground up, including building our own timber frames with our sister company Amelia Timber Structures.  This control meant that our carpenters continued to work throughout the project with complete clarity.

Additionally Parnell Homes added a lovely design touch of an anchor, beach hut and boat in the frosting film to some of the windows that required privacy.

Ultimately our reasons for choosing Westcoast Windows were that they could provide us with the exact spec we required at a good price point by comparison and the lead time was honoured in accordance with Wayne Windows fitting schedule.  Importantly they were able to produce the large sliding doors to the first floor without including a central bar unlike other manufacturers.  This was important for the design and use of the space. I liked that the windows are manufactured independently from other brands and feel like they have a more of a customer focused approach, which meant I could contact them directly through a UK based agent with any queries we had along the way.”


TSG180 Top Hung Reversible Composite Windows

Top Hung Reversible Window

Top Hung Reversible Window
TSG45 Top Hung Projecting composite window

Top Hung Projecting Window

Top Hung Projecting Window
SDA Lift & Slide Door Composite sliding doors

Lift & Slide Door

Lift & Slide Door
terrace patio composite doors

Double Terrace / Patio Door (Open Out)

Double Terrace / Patio Door (Open Out)

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